With the evolved technology, there are many new revolutions that is happening in the world of technology where there is always a new gadget or products is made or a better version of that product. The same is happening with speakers, call it the next generation of speakers or anything else. There is nothing more than this. The latest and the best version of speakers are said to be google home and alexa which are completely unique in their own way. But still choosing one for you might seem a little difficult that is why you can continue reading further where we have a compassion made on google home and alexa which can simplify your thought.

Google, Amazon Beat Apple Siri in Launching Smart Home Devices ...


One of the most necessary comparison to be made is about the design between these two devices. Amazon echo is a cylindrical design with 360-degree audio on the lower half and the other half lights up when activated where google home is designed as bearing glass wine where the upper part is of hard plastic which lights up when activated.

Speaker Quality

Another important factor that you can consider before you buy a speaker is on the basis of sound quality. Both the speakers have an amazing sound base where amazon echo sounds much clear and natural but does not have a great sound quality, google home gives a richer sound with more bass but the sound is not that clear.

Streaming Support

Another important point to consider before you buy a speaker is the streaming support by the devices. These two devices are streamed on many such devices, where home can be used for google play music, you tube, Spotify, pandora and other devices, Echo is used for services like prime music, Spotify, TuneIn, amazon music unlimited and many more. It is said that amazon echo has more option to streams than compared to google.

These are the top three comparison that I think are very essential to know between google home and alexa so that you can decide on one device. There is nothing like one device is better than other in fact both devices are excellent on the services they provide. The product is best when you can find all your requirements in one device, so you can choose the device which suits best with all your requirements. We hope you have liked this post.

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