7 Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees in India 2018 (Top Reviewed)

7 Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees in India 2018 (Top Reviewed)
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Are you searching for the best earphones under 500 rupees in India? Choosing the right earphone online has always been a challenging task with so many options available from various brands itself. Earphones should always be of supreme quality as bad ones can also affect your hearing after prolonged use. So its better to research and then but the right earphones. Also, it is understood that even earphones have no limit, its price also ranges from few hundreds to few thousands. But not to worry as we are here for your rescue. The earphones under 500 rupee are affordable for many of you.

The earphones reviewed here in post varies from other by various factors. You will come to know as you’ll go through the post. Some of the earphones do not a good bass whereas some have exceptionally good throbbing bass. Few of the earphones do not have a microphone and the control button. While the AmazonBasic earphone has an amazing mic and good control functions. The headphones various on the type of the jack, the type and length of cord, the earbud design and much more.

So it’s totally up to you what features are you looking for in the earphones. Our experts have reviewed the best earphones under the required price range. Now you make take a look at the top 7 best earphones in India under 500 for you to decide the right one and enjoy your favorite music like never before. We have mentioned the price of the product on various site, you can compare the prices and buy from the site that you like.

Take a look.

Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees In India 2018 Edition


1. Mi Headphones Basic Wired Headset

Mi earphone under 500

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These Mi headphones are the best bass earphones under 500 that you can buy in India. This earphone has the balanced and mesmerizing sound quality. This earphone is only compatible with mobile phones and has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The elegant and sleek aluminum body has a smooth finish and makes the set light in weight. The earphones have tangle-free flat cables that prevent the formation of knots in the cable and creating a chaos. The metal diaphragm grants durability and long life to the product. Moreover, the scratch and slip resistant body of the earphones helps keep the set new.

The earphone features 3rd generation Balanced Damping, Zircon Sound Blasting and Aluminum Alloy Sound Chamber for good bass and overall balanced audio quality. The pair produces the sound with a great balance of clarity and frequency at such an affordable price. Coming to the earbuds, they are designed to precision with high-quality silicone. The earbuds perfectly fit into the ear canal for the user to experience the thumping bass. The chamfered edge matte black earphone has a wired cord of length 1.25mm.


2. boAt BassHeads 220 Wired Earphone with Mic

boAt BassHeads 220 earphone

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boAt BassHeads 220 is the second earphone on the list. This earphone is compatible with mobile, tablet, laptop and audio players. These earphones have the best build quality that no other company can match in this price range. It has tangle-free flat cables that help you in managing the cables easily and prevents any kind of break in the wire. boAt Bassheads 220 is a beautiful pair of earphones with great sound quality at such an affordable price. The earphones are long lasting and also withstands very rough handling as it’s polished with metal, unlike the plastic ones. The earphones have a gold-plated L shaped plug that is 3.5mmm in length.

It has Super Extra Bass that provides amazing sonic clarity and louder sound. If you love loud bass music or hip-hop music then you should surely grab these pairs of earphones. With 10mm driver the earphones give very clear audio with thumping bass. The noise isolation feature provides perfect listening experience in the crowded places. Also, the built-in noise cancellation mic enables clearer conversation without any noise disturbance. If we now talk about the color, it has a trendy and soothing blue color. The set comes with one in-ear earphone, two pairs of earbuds one small and another large.


3. Flipkart SmartBuy


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This Flipkart SmartBuy earphone has a good build quality and the earpiece shape perfectly fits into the ear canal. The earphone has a gunmetal shape that fits effortlessly and doesn’t slip away. The material used for the earpiece is sweat repellant so that it is comfortable to wear. It is compatible with all the devices that you can think of whether it be a mobile phone, laptop, audio player or tablet. This wired headphone has a dynamic driver, a transducer that converts the electrical signal to sound. These are the most favored ones as they have a larger diaphragm and are better at producing powerful bass.

The earphone has a good noise cancellation microphone. The voice is clearly transmitted to the receiver without any disturbance from outside. But there is a drawback to it, though the headset has a good earphone, it does not have a clip to place the microphone close to the mouth for better results. If we talk about the bass and treble ratio, the treble is slightly more noticeable than bass in hard rock music. But this slight effect cannot be noticed by everyone. The audio effects produced have an average result. The 120mm cord is nylon-braided and is not tangle-free. The set contains one earphone and four silicone earbuds. If you require having better and advanced sound quality its recommended to refer top 10 best earphones under 1000 to buy in India 2018.


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4. Portronics POR-767 Conch 204

best earphone under 500 rupees in india

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Portronics POR-767 is an in-ear headset that gives astounding sound quality, precise call control and great comfort on wearing. Conch 204 takes you deep into the world of music isolating from the surrounding disturbing noise. These earphones are also known as In-ear monitors (IEMs). The soft and smooth silicone earbuds form a comfortable seal on the ear canal providing the great thumping bass effect. The locked grip of the earbuds helps in providing noise isolation and lets you enjoy the music. Also, the secure fit of the earbud doesn’t allow the earphones to slip from your ears if you required moving around from one place to another.

Its great fit and tight seal plays a very crucial role in providing the brilliant sound quality. In addition to this, the earphone has a great body design with quality construction and lightweight. The design of this product is much better than many more expensive earphones available on the market. It has an inbuilt microphone for taking calls. Just click on the button present and enjoy the high-quality clear conversation.

The 1.2-meter long cord is tangle free and flat so that you don’t mess with the cable. Also, the cord of the headset connected to the phone is long enough to let you enjoy the music, while your phone is in your pocket or bag.


5. AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones

AmazonBasic in-ear headphones with mic under 500

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Next on the list is AmazonBasic in-ear headphones with the universal microphone that works amazingly well with Apple iPhone, iPad, and almost all the Android phones. The earphones are easy to plug in and enjoy without disturbing others. The earbud-style of the earphones deliver extraordinary sound quality and the smooth contour of the earbud ensures a comfortable grip. The secure earbuds fit quite well into the ear canal and provide long-lasting wearable comfort. Whether you are working at home, or working out or laying in your bed these piece of earphones will provide you a secure grip always.

The earphones are known for the superior sound quality. It produces rich sound and its distinct bass response for all types of music be it hard rock or soft music, only lets in high-quality music to your ears. The earphone is equipped with a universal mic that can be used to answer or end the call on your iPhone like a breeze. The same can be used to play or pause a music and to switch between the playlist. This feature is quite handy and eliminates the need for you keep your phone in your hand all the time.

This earphone has an essential feature that was missing in the other mentioned products. And that is the cord clip, to attach the cord to your clothes and also to adjust the microphone position for reducing the chances of cord catching and for clearer conversation. This is the highly recommended best earphones with mic under 500 in India. 


6. Philips SHE1505

Philips SHE1505 budget earphone

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Philips SHE1505 also features the earbud design for comfortable and secure grip. The soft earbud rests perfectly inside the ear canal and provides great audio quality with good noise cancellation. The product is compatible with many devices be it a mobile phone, laptop, tab, television or any other audio player. The headphone jack is 3.5mm in length. The wired earphone from Philips is featured with deep bass and boom microphone for spic and span audio and conversation.

The earbuds aren’t sweatproof, so it gets little uncomfortable when used for a long time. Moreover, the set is not water resistant. Apart from that this earphone also has a microphone with a call button. This button allows you to easily pick up or end a call just by a press. The sound canceling of the mic is commendable. The 1.2m long cord makes suitable for using the product outdoors. The cord is straight can get tangled easily if not kept properly. Overall it is a good earphone and affordable at the same time.


7. Samsung EHS64AVFWECINU Earphone

Samsung EHS64AVFWECINU Earphone

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Samsung EHS64AVFWECINU is the last product on the list. This earphone has an in-ear canal phone design. The earphone rests inside the ear canal to give an amazing thumping bass experience. Moreover, the canal phone design helps to seal the outside noise and only provide supreme audio. The earbuds are soft and flexible and are crafted to adjust inside all types of ear shapes. The earbuds are smooth and non-slippery to help provide the user with loud and enjoyable music listening experience.

With deep bass the earphones let you enjoy every beat in the music. The loud sound and bass are the two main features in the earphone that make it lie on this list. This is a Certified Refurbished product and is certified to look and work just like new without any sign of defects. The product is available in two color variant one black and another white. The earphone can be bought from Flipkart as well as Amazon. The product comes with six months warranty but is only limited to manufacturing defects and doesn’t cover an physical damage.



So this was it for the post. All the earphones taken were among the best selling and best rated once on Amazon and Flipkart. We believe that after going through all the options and their reviews you could choose the earphone that you always wanted to have. More or else all the earphones are the same with few bads and few goods in them. So, select the one amongst the mentioned ones. For any doubts or suggestions write to us in the comments section below. We will be back with the answer ASAP. Till then keep shopping.

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